A Taste of Research Series List 7: Precision Teaching and More

In 2016, Adrienne Fitzer wrote a series of short, themed lists of articles which she published over the next six weeks. The series titled “A Taste of Research” included research that was categorized as “beyond autism” but behavior analysis nonetheless. The series started with the post “A Taste of Research: Why am I posting a “Beyond ABA and Autism” Series of Lists?” published on September 27, 2016 and concluded with “A Taste of Research List 6: ABA and Diversity” published on November 10, 2016.  In today’s post, Adrienne explains what she has been up to and introduces a new list on precision teaching, fluency, and the standard celeration chart. Over the next few months, she will publish additional lists on new topics and create updated lists on topics she covered in 2016.

It has been four years since I wrote the original Taste of Research lists.I have been pretty busy since the last one. I went back to graduate school and learned a whole new topic area (and completed a dissertation), produced and hosted hundreds of live events presented by experts in ethics, parent training, feeding, OBM, ACT, trauma, clinical behavior analysis, sexual behavior, evidence-based assessment and treatment and more, AND I became an active user of the standard celeration chart after I attended the Morningside Teacher’s Academy in 2018 and 2019 to learn about precision teaching. My love of charting led to me becoming a member of the Standard Celeration Society, an organization I volunteer at as part of their website committee and that I have had the honor of hosting a collaborative webinar series with. All this activity means I have great ideas for new lists for the Taste of Research Series!

The 7th list in the Taste of Research Series is dedicated to a lot of people. First, I dedicate this post to Dr. Kent Johnson, the person who taught me that precision teaching could be used to improve performance for children with language-based learning disabilities and who has inspired me in more ways than I can count. Without him, I would not have learned half of what I have in the last three years. Next, I dedicate the post to my “chart parents” Deb Brown, MA, BCBA and Dr. Andrew Bulla who finally got me to understand why I should use the blue chart and how to use it. Third, I dedicate this post to Dr. Carl Binder who gave me amazing suggestions on how to chart some of the ABAC business data which has had a meaningful impact. Finally, I dedicate this post to the members of the Standard Celeration Society who are the most enthusastic group of teachers and mentors anyone could ask for!

This list is too short and does not include every reading I want to include, but it is a great jumping off point when it comes to learning about precision teaching, fluency, and the standard celeration chart. I probably could have broken this into three taste of research lists. Maybe I will in the future.

As always- let me know what you think! Want to talk about any of these articles? I am always happy to do that! Send me an email and we can set up a time to learn together. adrienne@abacnj.com

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