A taste of research: List 2- ABA and making the world a better place to live, love, and work

List 2 in the “taste of research” series is inspired by current events and social issues important to me and many of my contemporaries. I urge you to read these articles because they will help you think about human behavior that impacts the community at large. This is a huge topic in the OBM world and if you have not yet heard the word “metacontingency” you will.

Heward, W. L., & Chance, P. (Guest Eds.). (2010). Special section: The human response to climate change: Ideas from behavior analysis. The Behavior Analyst, 33, 145-206.

Houmanfar, R.A., Alavosius, M.P., Morford, Z.H., Herbst, S.A., & Reimer, D. (2015). Functions of organizational leaders in cultural change: Financial and social well-being. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 35, 4-27. dx.doi.org/10.1080/01608061.2015.1035827

Mizael, T.M., de Almeida, J.H., Silveira, C.C., & de Rose, J.C. (2016). Changing Racial Bias by Transfer of Functions in Equivalence Classes. Psychological Record 66, 451-462. doi:10.1007/s40732-016-0185-0

Oh and while not research- if you are interested in contemporary social issues and great articles you should check out the always fun to read online resource Behavioral Science in the 21st Century.

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P.S. Not sure why I am publishing the “Taste of Research” lists? I answer that question in my post from last week

“A taste of research: Why am I posting a “beyond ABA and autism” series of lists?”  Like List 2? Try List 1.

Remember, the lists I post as part of this series are not all inclusive. They provide a sampling of the type of work one can do as a behavior analyst/scientist outside the field of autism intervention.

Disclaimer: It is not too late to work with other populations if your training is with individuals with autism. Quite the contrary, we need more behavior scientists in other settings. If you do go to work in a public school setting or a eldercare setting or any other setting for that matter, make sure you form a relationship with a mentor who has worked in that setting for a minimum of 5 years or is otherwise deemed competent in the area you would like to provide services in (for more on this see the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code Section 1.02) ). There is so much to learn and reading journal articles alone won’t teach it to you! The articles that I will include in each week’s list are meant to pique your interest in other areas, not serve as substitute for intensive study and additional training, mentorship, or supervision.