Invest…in Yourself

If you have been following ABAC since the time we opened you know that I left the business when I failed to generate clients. I decided to invest in myself for a few months. To take a break from the stress and the fear so that I could be a better mother, spouse, and business owner. I went off and volunteered full time at a camp as a nature teacher. Then, having slept through the night for 8 straight weeks (for the first time in probably 15-20 years) I decided I needed to keep hanging out with plants and veggies so I worked in local farm store and nursery from September to December.People thought I was crazy.

I came back from that clear headed and built ABAC into what it is today.

What it is today is a thriving little business with a team of people who work here, two resident speakers, a FULL schedule of events for the rest of 2018 and a 5 year anniversary on the horizon (2019!). It is doing really well. I could not be happier with how the company is going.

So I am leaving it for a while.

…..??!!! “What the F%^@ did you just say?”

I am leaving the business. To invest in myself.

For how long?!!

Two weeks.

You realize that is an eternity for a small business owner right?



If you are like me, daily self-care activities that do not benefit me in one of my self-assigned roles (mother, spouse, business owner, graduate student) are an added stressor, not a stress reliever. Examples include, “mindfully stack rocks,” “hug yourself,” and “take a walk to no where and back.”  I may not follow them but I know that there are people who really love the reminders and for whom they are a benefit. I am actually a little jealous of those people. (Disclaimer, I do have a meditation practice, but I it includes drinking a lot of coffee… benefiting me in every role I hold).

Despite my aversion to daily “self-care exercises,” I do invest in myself, which I see as a different form of self-care. In fact, I “invest in myself” so much so, that my “self-care” behavior seems incredible risky to others. As in leaving the business for two weeks.

You have not really answered why you are leaving the business.

I am investing in myself. I am investing money and time in myself, which will positively impact the business as well as those I love. I am taking two weeks for intensive training in precision teaching, instructional design and more, areas I have always been interested in but never had intensive training in. I will be able to better scale ABAC having taken the time to learn from the individuals I trust to be able to teach me well. I will be better able to support children with learning difficulties, I will better be able to articulate why precision teaching is critical but underused.

I will be better able.

Where are you going?

Across the country to Seattle to participate in the Morningside Summer School Institute.

What about the family, the business…what are you doing?!!

With one child away and the other old enough to come with me, the timing was perfect. The business is actually not closed. There is a wonderful team of people who are working behind the scenes to make sure everyone gets their certificates of completion. The Fall schedule webinars registrations are in production and will be posted soon and I will be checking email once a day.

It is too risky! You are doing way too much! The business is going to suffer! Aren’t you also doing your dissertation?

  • Yes, this is risky. So was going off to work on a farm. Greatest move I ever made in this game I call my career.
  • Yes, I am doing a great deal. This is actually a way for me to step back and do only one thing for two weeks. I see it as a vacation of sorts.
  • The business will not generate as much revenue when I am gone because we do not have webinars running. That is true.
  • When I return from Seattle I will return to the business, school, and my life. Just better equipped to do so.


“You say potato, I say po-tah-toe.” Actually I say I am just investing in myself. Self-care at its best.

Take the risk and invest in yourself too. It is amazing on the other side.


Question? Concerns? Want to chat about how I made it happen? Awesome! Reach out via email. I would love to hear from you.